Greenspring Fund

Long-term capital appreciation, income, tempered portfolio volatility, positive absolute performance.  These are the goals we work toward every day at the Greenspring Fund by first researching and selecting a portfolio of equities that possess strong company-specific fundamentals and secondly, by identifying corporate and convertible bonds of short duration that can provide solid total returns while minimizing the volatility of the overall portfolio.  We strive for strong, consistent, risk-averse performance results over an entire market cycle while providing personalized service to our shareholders.

Corbyn Investment Management

Corbyn Investment Management has provided separate account investment management services to individuals, charitable organizations, foundations, trusts, corporations, retirement plans and investment advisors since 1973.  Corbyn has been an advisor to the Greenspring Fund since 1983.  Over the years, our mission has remained constant: Earn clients’ trust and respect by providing them with outstanding service while seeking strong, consistent investment results through a client specific combination of value-oriented equities and bonds of short duration. Please review the firm’s ADV and Form CRS for more information.