Corbyn Investment Management

Since 1973, Corbyn Investment Management has provided independent and focused investment management services to individuals, financial advisors, and institutions through customized separately-managed accounts. We have also served as the investment advisor to the Greenspring Fund since 1983. For nearly fifty years, Corbyn’s mission has remained constant: earn clients’ trust and confidence by providing them with outstanding service, while seeking strong, less volatile investment results by investing in value-oriented equities and short-duration bonds, tailored to the individual client’s needs. Please review the firm’s ADV and Form CRS for more information.


For nearly forty years, the Greenspring Fund (GRSPX) has invested in a thoughtfully-designed portfolio of assets, with the goal of generating strong long-term capital appreciation and income, while tempering portfolio volatility. With a research-intensive, bottom-up approach to investing, we look to purchase equities of companies with strong underlying fundamentals and experienced management teams, trading at attractive prices relative to their long-term potential. Secondly, we identify corporate and convertible bonds that can provide solid total returns while reducing overall portfolio volatility. We also seek special situations where company-specific catalysts can drive meaningful value creation.

Greenspring Income Opportunities Fund

With a goal of generating a high level of current income, the Greenspring Income Opportunities Fund (GRIOX) invests primarily in short-duration high-yield fixed income securities. The Fund employs a fundamentally driven research process to target securities in the higher-quality portion of the non-investment grade corporate debt market that offer strong returns, while assuming manageable levels of risk. The combination of bottom-up credit analysis and a focus on short-duration bonds is designed to reduce portfolio volatility and minimize interest rate risk, while maintaining attractive long-term returns for investors.